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train roars behind black factory
sound of falling and of flight
we turn our heads with ease
but note the string that fills our gaze

where light begins to fray
or curl
i like that we’re touching you know
but we never thought we’d be away so long

i stare at the eclipse you’ve seen before
and it just won’t stop blurring

i feel our proximity to smokestacks
like nothing else matters

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a moment to say hello

I’ve had an influx of new followers, who are all cool. Awesome. I assume this is due to my stuff being published and reblogged lately, so thanks, everyone.

You’re all awesome.

Every single one.

Please stay and chat. Ask is always on, but sometimes I don’t notice things for a while bc I usually use mobile.

So, there is no ignoring, only love.

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Let me just say I didn’t
it was the absent temperatures like
falling columns of animals
in combat for the one tree,

or change in the tree, or 

how I walk the length of

trees to avoid trees changing

into better trees,  one tree

falling into a tree, and darker

a tree without reason

I zip my jacket slower than
I meant