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making art on the steps of city hall
as you stand there imperfectly stil
staring at the moment in the sky where the moon should be

i cut off my hair to make you a sign

and the day before you stopped
when we smudged the air above our heads
when you told me you’ve been…

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I want to be in love with girls who look like New York

I want to be in love with pretty girls who look like New York City
& I need a lover who pours as much as they want
& never worry what anyone is thinking
& everything we used to know was eaten by the nothing

the nothing that came and enveloped this whole country
& all we have left of what we once were
is waiting at the boardwalk
sitting, pretending it’s not there

(I can still remember what it felt like to be a little child
and I can still remember what that love felt like—
dancing in your two arms
living like the bruises would never settle in )

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Getting a form rejection from a lit mag:


91%—god i am a worthless sham what am i doing my life is droll and meaningless and so is everything i will ever create how do i have friends how have i ever been in romantic relationships i should google how to sleep and not wake up for 3 yrs

actually that second part is more like the daily refrain running through my brain