Yesterday, I bought a pair of shoes

From a Value Village in Scarborough.

They were cheap and they were black,

And when I got home, I put them on

And slowly put together a black outfit

To stand in front of some mirror with.

I felt equal pleasure and revulsion.

World. Why am I so stupid?

Can someone make me a normal person?

When can I walk the streets without

Wanting to dead everything.

so popular and funny on facebook wow it’s like none of them know that i’ve spent all day in my apt listening to my roommate skype her mom in the other room and tell her how much she hates everything and this town and her dissertation and the color she painted her room

why am i even blogging

what is even happening w/ my life anymore

Most Cold Deserts Get Names


The second of sequences is the second

sister you even had. People got it wrong.

There were eight of you who equally

eased your way out of her womb.

You were just the first and forgotten.

Octavia was the one to tie her neatly into a bow.

Don’t be envious. Your (barren) home has flowers

that are tough enough for cacti.

I heard latin roots live together. 

Octopi? cacti? Oozing over

the same squalid land. 

Don’t worry. This wasteland

will get its own chance to be fruitful.

(via dispassiontea)